Adhesive Labels

An easy solution to non-printable surfaces 


Dummy ImageProduct labels, promotional stickers, Or for branding purposes. 

Durable adhesives are highly sought after in the wholesale and retail market, and they do not have to be costly to make even for a small run. At UPL, we provide adhesives with different characteristics. Please speak to us for your specific requirements and we can offer one that suits.

adhesive LABELS Overview:
  • Pre-cut labels (various templates, round or rectangle)
  • Custom sized labels
  • Custom shape options
  • Available in sheets or rolls
  • Temporary outdoor adhesive
  • Temperature and water resistant adhesive
  • Waterproof synthetic digital grade adhesive
  • Vinyl adhesive
  • UV coated adhesive
  • Freezer grade adhesive
  • Honey jar label


 honey labels

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Honey Jar LabelHoney jar Label

Complete with logo design and branding

  • Round pre-cut label on jar lid
  • Long label to wrap around jar
  • Small runs available for hobbyists
  • Large production runs also available
  • Custom size options available
  • Round corner options available